Help create an extraordinary experience for a child
who has disabilities. 

You can help children who have multiple and profound disabilities experience performing art made especially for them.

This joyful, multi-sensory, immersive theatre is only produced by a few specialist Inclusive theatre companies around the world, and Arts Centre Melbourne has committed to including it in our program.

But to make these performances accessible to children who live with disabilities, we have to remove barriers, put conventions aside, and create news ways of doing things – and that takes money.  

Your donation today can give the thrilling gift of the performing arts to children who often miss out.

Watch what’s possible when the barriers to participation are removed – and children with disabilities find themselves at the centre of wonderful performances.

​​​​​​​By donating generously today, you’ll help share the magic of the performing arts with children like Isabel – who deserve extraordinary experiences in their lives like we all do. 

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A gift of $25 can go towards sensory equipment for children; all part of their theatre experience.
A gift of $50 can help provide specialist training, so staff know how they to engage and welcome children with disabilities.
A gift of $100 can help set up the theatre specifically for children with multiple and profound disabilities.