Help them find their voice at Arts Centre Melbourne next year. 

There are young performers among us who want to build their craft and share their unique creativity with the world. But they don’t have the chance.

Poverty and disadvantage shouldn't stop a young person from following a path into the performing arts, and enriching us all with their talents.

Your gift today will support young performers to explore their artistic calling at Arts Centre Melbourne. You’ll help them find the mentors, creative peers and opportunities that will change their lives forever.

Hear Lyle and Machehi talk about how this support has transformed their lives.

By donating generously today, you’ll help more young people like Lyle, Stephanie and Machehi to harness their creativity and shape a richer, more inclusive performing arts industry.  


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A gift of $25 can go towards transport and food for a young person who otherwise couldn’t study at Arts Centre Melbourne.


A gift of $50 can help a young person to record a song in our world-class studios.


A gift of $100 can help fund a guest artist to mentor and inspire budding young performers.​​​​​​​